30-002CT and the new 30-002CB

Contents: 70 minitriangles, 60 minisquares,
10 minipentagons & 10 minihexagons and
instructions in a box.
Makes 60 models: all the ones you can build with
pack No.1 as well as the ones below and,
of course, many others created by your own
imagination!!! Instructions included.

Plane with 2D net

Chess Piece with 2D net

Snail with its 2D Net

Diamond with 2D Net

Old-fashioned Telephone with 2D Net

Duck and its flat net

Bridge with 2D Net. It can stand on hexagons
or on pentagons as in the 2D net

Big Penguin with net

Church with net

Mushroom with pentagonal umbrella
and net

Cross-cube with its two-dimensional net


The Sun is made up of 60 minitriangles, 12 minisquares & 2 minihexagons. The Teddy-bear was built with 60 minitriangles, 17 minisquares, 6 minipentagons & 9 minihexagons.
Christmas models ideas:

The Christmas Tree on the left & centre consists of three square pyramids one on top of the other. The one on the right-hand side has a triangular pyramid at the top and two square pyramids underneath.

This is a reindeer with a sleigh attached to its tail. It is delivering presents to well-behaved children. With the contents of Pack No. 2 you can build both the reindeer, the cart, the path and the present at the same time!

Each taper candle holder requires 33 triangles, 23 squares, 2 pentagons and 1 hexagon.

More models and instructions can be found on the Geoshapes Model Galleries pages: