Scalp vitaliser, dandruff remover, body massager

Nu-Brush® has been manufactured in our Sunshine plant for decades and can be found in most pharmacies and hairdressing salons.

It is available to re-sellers in display dozens of black only or assorted colours.

Assorted colours currently manufactured are: purple, red, black, aqua, dark blue and baby blue.

Utilised as a hair brush, Nu-Brush® will softly comb your hair and its fine polyethylene brushes will assist in vitalising your scalp and removing dandruff.
Under the shower it can be used to scrub off dead skin and impurities and to improve blood circulation to help fight unsightly cellulite.
The best results are obtained through gentle circular massaging movements from your knees upwards to thighs and waist.

Ordering Code: NU-12 ASST

Ordering Code: NU-12 BLK
2017 New Packaging has now been released for both assorted and black only brushes!
Nu-Brush® is also available in individual hang-sell blister-packs supplied in display boxes of 6 packs: 3 purple and 3 black. This upmarket version is an ideal gift.

Ordering Code: NU-6 CARDED

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