16 chunky geometric prism pegs;
circular, triangular, square &
hexagonal in red, blue, yellow
and green.
They are easy to grasp for little
and special needs
students' hands .
Board size 180x180mm


4-007 Peggy Book - Patterns & Puzzles

The Peggy Book has been developed to address a number
of the learning outcomes from the level 1 Space Strand of the
Mathematics CSF II document.
The first few activities require children to recognise the different
shapes and copy a simple shape pattern.
More challenging activities require children to use problem-solving skills
to complete the patterns shown in the book. Answers are provided.
Suggested ages 3-6 years.

Designed to meet the safety requirements for use by children
under 3 years of age.
Available in a shrink-wrap pack and
multi-pack containing 6 boards, 96 pegs, 1 book and a
multi-coloured spinner in a plastic storage container.

4-001 Peggy + Peggy Book, shrink wrap, 1 board,
16 pegs & 1 book
4-002 Peggy - shrink wrap, 1 board & 16 pegs**
4-003 Peggy - multi-pack, 6 boards, 96 pegs, Peggy Book
and Peggy Spinner in a clear 8lt. tub + lid**

6-008M Peggy Spinner, available
individually and included in Peggy Multipack
4-004 Peggy Pegs only,
48 pegs in a clear 2lt. jar
with screwcap
Peggy is also available in
fascinating crystal colours.
For details, see range
"Play with Light"

4-002C Crystal Peggy, 1 board & 16 pegs

4-005 Peggy Beads & Laces.
Contents: 32 beads, 2 laces in a small jar
with screwcap**
4-006 Peggy Beads & Laces - Jumbo Pack.
Contents: 64 beads, 4 laces in a large jar
with screwcap**
**All these pack configurations available also in
crystal fluorescent colours (see section "Play with Light")