Ezy PlugTM
15mm Test Tile Plug
A practical and "ezy" concept for
temporarily closing off breaches and
combinations 5/8"
The preferred pressure-testing alternative
to spindles for fifteen years!
@ No tools required
@ O-ring provides perfect seal
@ Rim prevents O-Ring blow out
@ Conical shape for "ezy" removal
@ Made of 100% Nylon for toughness
@ Clean, convenient and efficient time-saver
@ ...and entirely MADE IN AUSTRALIA!
In 2003 a new and improved Ezy-Plug breach plug was launched. In order to
maintain the highest-quality standards, Ezy-Plug was redesigned to successfully
seal on all types of breaches, removing any possibility of leakage that migh have
occurred using other plugs with newer design breaches.

Ezy-Plug's unique design and structure allows it to be installed and removed by
hand, saving time and effort. It has been pressure-tested to 5,000 KPA (725 PSI)
without failure.

Ezy-Plug (and Ezy-Cap) are manufactured from industrial grade natural nylon,
are made in our Sunshine manufacturing plant and available at leading plumbing
suppliers Australia-wide. Please ask for them by name.

Happy plumbing!

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