The Little Architect is a clever educational construction toy manufactured in Australia to the highest quality standards.
Developed to stimulate imagination and enhance fine motor co-ordination skills, this system comprises of standard bricks, face bricks, arch, angle, reversing and capping bricks, various styles of doors and windows, roof tiles, axles and the newest addition: wheels. Components are simply slid together, thus making it very easy forchildren as young as 3 years of age to assemble them and pull them apart.

Its uniqueness compared with other building bricks consists in its superior versatility: all parts can be joined together in endless ways, allowing even the construction of arches!!!

Cross-linking the bricks results in very stable structures due to the particular design of the location lugs.

TLA260 The Little Architect Young Builder:
pieces and 10 project cards in a handy, clear storage tub.
TLA950 The Little Architect Master Builder:
950 pieces and 26 project cards in a handy, clear storage tub.
Project cards are in line-drawing format, are thus easy to follow and have colour-coded edges to distinguish the degree of difficulty (red edges for young builders, yellow edges for master builders)

NEW!!! May 2008
BP300 The Little Architect Build a Picture
300 pieces including 6 easy-to-follow double-sided plastic picture cards.
-Build any picture from the base up.
-Build on one row at a time
-Attach picture stand when complete
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