Ezy CapTM - The Original

15mm Test Tile Cap
Revolutionary new concept in temporarily
closing off lugged elbows!
Made of 100% nylon for hot and cold water.

@ No tools required!
@ Self-sealing - without teflon or hemp!
@ No more time-wasting clean-ups!
@ Conical shape for easy removal!
@ Clean, convenient and efficient time-saver
@ ....and entirely MADE IN AUSTRALIA!!!
EZY-CAPs are classed as a temporary fitting and therefore do not require testing or registration
by the relevant authorities. However, private tests have shown that approximately 19 Mega Pascals
are required to make an EZY-CAP, attached to a standard Australian "Lugged Elbow", fail.
The test pressure for permanent fittings is 2 Mega Pascals.

In view of this, we consider it virtually impossible for an EZY-CAP to "blow off" in a normal sanitary
application, since water pressure rarely exceeds 1 Mega Pascal.
If a leakage occurs, it is usually due to inappropriate use (i.e. attached to a lugged elbow cut off not square)

Ezy-Plug (and Ezy-Cap) are manufactured from industrial grade natural nylon,
are made in our Sunshine manufacturing plant and available at leading plumbing
suppliers Australia-wide. Please ask for them by name.

Happy plumbing!

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